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The term HORECA is an acronym for HOteles, REstaurantes and CAterings that comes from the Netherlands. Today, its use has been extended to most countries in Europe.

In contrast to its great social and economic importance, the HORECA sector is very little known, and there is hardly any information or data ordered.

However, the sector of distributors to HORECA is formed by more than 4,000 companies in Spain, they give direct employment to more than 80,000 people and invoice 17,600 million euros. That is why it is essential for the supply of the more than 360,000 hotels that we have in Spain.
From Onucoop S.C.A. we want to invite you to join our HORECA channel, if you have a business in the sector and want to join our channel, request your client code here and enjoy our discounts.

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