Privacy Policy

ONUCOOP SCA , wants to inform the users and customers of its website, the policy carried out regarding the treatment and protection of personal data of those people who voluntarily use the contact forms to contract with ONUCOOP SCA , any of the services offered on the web, which imply the communication of your personal data to ONUCOOP SCA.

1.-Identification of the person responsible for the file

ONUCOOP SCA , with CIF F21548045, Registered in the Cooperatives Register: H / RCA Nº 996 Seat nº 1, Hoja Hurca 00996, Seat 7 and 8, informs the user and client of its page web of the existence of an automated file of personal data called Clients, responsible for ONUCOOP SCA , with address at C / Mayor Mora Claros s / n, 21001 Huelva, Spain, where they are collected and stored the personal data that the user and the client communicate to ONUCOOP SCA.

2.-Updating policies

ONUCOOP SCA will modify, without prior notice, this privacy policy whenever it is necessary to adapt it to any legislative, regulatory, jurisprudential, administrative changes or in order to adapt said policy to the instructions issued by the Data Protection Agency or legitimate object of ONUCOOP SCA . Any modification of this policy notwithstanding the foregoing, will be published and warned on the website of ONUCOOP S.C.A. and in the policy itself. For all the above, ONUCOOP S.C.A. recommends users to periodically read these policies in order to know the changes made in them.

3.-Purpose of the file

ONUCOOP S.C.A. does not request on its website data to users who visit it, therefore, the communication of personal data by the user to ONUCOOP S.C.A. through its website it can only be understood that it will take place when they voluntarily use the budget form service to contact ONUCOOP SCA, since in these cases the data processing is unavoidable and implicit to the contracting system. For these cases and those described in the following section, the entity informs the client that the processing of the data is done with the following purposes: Carry out all the procedures related to the preparation of budgets, contracting and rendering of services of < strong> ONUCOOP SCA, to the company to which it belongs or in its case to the interested party who requests it. As well as answering and answering the communications received and the maintenance of historical business relations.


ONUCOOP S.C.A. , informs that this privacy policy contains all the aspects related to the processing of personal data that ONUCOOP S.C.A. carries out as responsible for it. Thus, it is reported that when the user does not have commercial relations with ONUCOOP SCA , and sends an email or a communication to ONUCOOP SCA , indicating other personal data, said user will be giving their free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for the processing of their personal data by ONUCOOP SCA , with the purposes previously established, as well as attending to their communication or sending documentation. For the same purposes, ONUCOOP SCA informs that, if the client sends an email or communicates to ONUCOOP SCA their personal data because of the position they occupy in a company already be as administrator, manager, representative and / or any other position as contact person in the company, it will be understood that such communication entails the provision of your free, unequivocal, specific, informed and express consent for the processing of your personal data by ONUCOOP SCA, with the purposes previously established, as well as attend to your communication or send documentation.

5.-Identification of the recipients with respect to which ONUCOOP S.C.A. plan to make assignments or access data on behalf of third parties

ONUCOOP S.C.A. is only expected to carry out assignments or communications of data that by reason of article 11.2.c. of Organic Law 15/99 on the protection of personal data (hereinafter LOPD) must be made to meet its obligations with the AdministrationsPublic in cases that are required in accordance with the legislation in force in each matter at any time and, where appropriate, to other bodies such as Judges, Public Prosecutor, Courts, Court of Accounts or Ombudsman. Likewise, ONUCOOP SCA informs the user that any other transfer of data that must be made, will be brought to their attention when provided by the LOPD, informing them in an express, precise and unambiguous way of the recipients of the information, the purpose to which the data will be used, and the nature of the data transferred, or where appropriate, when the LOPD establishes it, previously the specific and informed consent will be requested to the user.

However, ONUCOOP SCA informs the user and the client that any processing of personal data is subject to the current legislation in Spain regarding data protection, established by the LOPD and its complementary and development regulations. In this sense, ONUCOOP SCA is only responsible for and guarantees the confidentiality of the personal data requested by the user through the website, not having any type of responsibility for the treatment and subsequent use of personal data that could be made by third party service providers of the information society that could access such data by reason of the provision of their services or exercise of their activity.

By third party service providers of the information society will be understood without limitation those natural or legal persons who provide the following services:

a) Transmission by a communication network of data provided by the recipients of the service.

b) Access services to the aforementioned network.

c) Storage or data hosting services.

d ) Provision of content or information.

Likewise, ONUCOOP SCA is not responsible for the data treatments carried out by third parties that establish hyperlinks with ONUCOOP SCA or those responsible who through hyperlinks ONUCOOP SCA refers to their visitors.

6.-Quality of the data

ONUCOOP SCA , warns the user that, except for the existence of a legally constituted representation, no user can use the iden of another person and communicate their personal data, so the user at all times must take into account that, can only include personal data corresponding to their own identity and that are appropriate, relevant, current, accurate and true. For such purposes, the user will be solely responsible for any damage, direct and / or indirect caused to third parties or ONUCOOP SCA, for the use of personal data of another person, or their own personal data when they are false, erroneous, not current, inadequate or irrelevant. Likewise, the user who uses the personal data of a third party, will respond to the latter of the information obligation established in article 5.4 of the LOPD for when the personal data has not been collected from the interested party, and / or the consequences of not having informed you.

7.-Exercise of access rights, opposition, rectification and cancellation of data

ONUCOOP SCA informs the user of the possibility of exercising their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by written request addressed to ONUCOOP SCA , at the following address: C / Mayor Mora Claros s / n, 21001 Huelva, Spain, or via email

8.-Use of forms for the collection of personal data by ONUCOOP SCA

ONUCOOP SCA includes a legend in the data collection form os, where all the conditions for the processing of personal data in accordance with Article 5 of the LOPD are indicated, such as the mandatory or optional nature of the answer to the questions that are asked, the consequences of obtaining of the data or of the refusal to supply them, the purposes of the collection, the possible assignments that are carried out, and the consent for the processing of personal data that are made.

9.-Security measures taken in relation to the processing of personal data

ONUCOOP SCA informs the user that, in accordance with the provisions of the LOPD and the Development Regulation, has adopted the technical and organizational measures necessary to ensure the security of personal data and avoid alterationunauthorized access, loss, treatment or access, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks to which they are exposed. Likewise ONUCOOP S.C.A. guarantees the user compliance with the duty of professional secrecy regarding the personal data of users and the duty to keep them.

10. Information Security Policy

ONUCOOP SCA informs users of the website that on its web site, security tools are installed, including antivirus, antispyware, and antispam.

11. Cookies and IPs

The user accepts the use of cookies and IP tracking. Our website traffic analyzer uses cookies and IP tracking that allow us to collect data for statistical purposes such as: date of the first visit, number of times visited, date of last visit, URL and domain from which it comes, used browser and screen resolution. However, if you wish, you may deactivate and / or eliminate these cookies by following the instructions of your Internet browser.

ONUCOOP S.C.A. does not use Spamming techniques and will only process the data that the user transmits through the electronic forms enabled on this website or emails.

The processing of personal data, as well as the sending of commercial communications made by electronic means, are in accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (BOE of December 14, 1999) and Law 34/2002, of July 11, of services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (BOE of July 12, 2002).